Dispute resolution and judicial proceedings

Dispute resolution and judicial proceedings

Disputes inevitably arise in various legal relationships and may relate to, for example, the ownership of rights, the exercise of rights, the protection of rights. Disputes relating to intellectual property rights are settled by various bodies (e.g., the Industrial Property Board of Appeal), but also, as a last possible option, by the courts. Our aim is to achieve the most optimal result for the client, taking into account the circumstances of the particular case. We always leave litigation as a last resort, but should the need for such proceedings arise, we will defend our clients’ interests and rights in the best possible way.


What kind of disputes can arise in relation to trademarks or designs or inventions?

Disputes may arise in registration proceedings, in the context of the exercise of rights and in possible infringement proceedings.

What options exist in the event of any dispute?

Depending on the nature and type of the dispute, we can propose different solutions. The primary objective is certainly to settle the case as quickly as possible and at minimum cost. Avoiding court proceedings, if possible, as court proceedings are very resource-intensive.

What are the options available in court?

As all proceedings depend on the circumstances of the particular case, the choice of possible strategies can also be based on these specific circumstances, i.e., the substance of the claim, the grounds for the claim, the evidence, etc. In infringement proceedings, it is possible to claim termination of the infringement, compensation for damages, destruction of the infringing goods, and, at the end of a successful procedure, to recover all the costs of the proceedings from the losing party. It is also possible to apply for a security, if there are doubts as to whether the opposing party may be able to enforce the judgment.