Registering a trademark abroad

Registering a trademark abroad

A trademark can be protected in the owner’s country of origin, as well as in different countries and jurisdictions around the world. This can be done through local national offices or unified systems such as EUIPO, WIPO, OAPI, etc.


Is it necessary to register a trademark abroad?

The legal protection of a trademark is territorial, i.e., it applies to a specific territory. If products/services are to be offered and the trademark is to be used in a particular territory, it should definitely be protected there as well.

How can a trademark be registered abroad?

There are several ways to protect a trademark outside Estonia. The choice of the right protection strategy depends on specific business interests and the registration rules, requirements and practices of the territory of interest. We will be happy to help choose the solution that best suits the particular needs and desires, and to assist with filing the registration application and any subsequent correspondence with the offices anywhere in the world.

Can a trademark be protected worldwide?

Trademark protection can be obtained in most countries around the world, but not all. This is because some countries do not provide the possibility to register a trademark. It should also be understood that registration in a country brings along the obligation to use the trademark there.

How much does it cost to protect a trademark abroad?

The cost of registering a trademark depends on the specific country where the application is filed and the state fees in that country. In order to optimise costs and ensure compliance with the registration requirements of different countries, we recommend that our specialists be contacted.